Episode 7: Spanish Flu, May Brahe, Friendly Societies

July 26, 2019

In Sickness and in Health #1: Spanish Flu

Presenter: Helen Morgan

Interviewee: Mary Sheehan

Further information and links: Diseases and EpidemicsHealth Health and Well BeingHospitalsNursingRoyal Exhibition BuildingSwine Flu in Focus


Aural Postcards #2: May Brahe

Presenter: Professor Andy May

Interviewee: Dr Mimi Colligan

Oral HistoryAlec Brahe interviewed by Peter Burgess (recorded 1975), National Library of Australia Oral History and Folklore Collection (TRC 375).

Further information and links: Allan’s Music — Burke and Wills MonumentClassical MusicMay BraheNellie Melba

Other resources:

The Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne has a collection of archives relevant to May Brahe including letters, sheet music and photographs.

Inquest into the death of Emily Rebecca Dickson, 1892 (Public Record Office Melbourne).


Street Seen #1: Friendly Societies of Swanston Street

Presenter: Roland Wettenhall

Further information and links: Friendly SocietiesManchester Unity BuildingOrganised Crime —  State Library of Victoria


Series Host — Professor Andy May

Episode Presenters — Helen Morgan, Andy May, Roland Wettenhall

Audio Engineer — Gavin Nebauer

Narration — Susan Reidy

Music — Andrew Batterham, ‘And there I was’.

Sound Effects Credits — bbc.co.uk — © copyright 2018 BBC

Page Image Credit —  May Brahe (1911), National Library of Australia.


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