Episode 11: Christopher Gee

February 16, 2020

In Memoriam #1: Christopher Gee

Presenter: Professor Andy May

Further information and links: Bijou Theatre — Brewers and Brewing — CarltonCarlton & United Breweries — FiresHotelsMelbourne Harbor Trust — Metropolitan Fire Brigade — Port of Melbourne



Hilaria bathing ship site and Mowlings Soap and Candle Works, Victorian Heritage Database Report, Heritage Inventory Number H7822-0620.

Inquest Deposition File, Christopher Gee, VPRS 24/P0  unit 645,  item 1895/815.

Inquest Deposition File, Joseph Fox, VPRS 24/ P0, unit 550,  item 1889/1096.

Thomas McCracken, Carlton Football Club.





View along Hilaria’s deck after the fire looking from aft (Photograph 1895), Brodie Collection, La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria, Accession no: H99.220/850.








Christopher Gee gravestone, Melbourne General Cemetery






Series Host — Professor Andy May

Episode Presenter — Professor Andy May

Audio Engineer — Gavin Nebauer

Music — Andrew Batterham, ‘And There I Was’; ‘Psalm 70 Save Me O God’, ‘Spring Music 1 Down From Corhanwarrabul’

Wistful by Shanic (licensed under a  Creative Commons License).

Sound Effects Creditsbbc.co.uk — © copyright 2018 BBC

Page Image Credit: Christopher Gee (with permission, Irene Hughes)


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