Episode 7: Spanish Flu, May Brahe, Friendly Societies

July 26, 2019

In Sickness and in Health #1: Spanish Flu

Presenter: Helen Morgan

Interviewee: Mary Sheehan

Further information and links: Diseases and EpidemicsHealth Health and Well BeingHospitalsNursingRoyal Exhibition BuildingSwine Flu in Focus


Aural Postcards #2: May Brahe

Presenter: Professor Andy May

Interviewee: Dr Mimi Colligan

Oral HistoryAlec Brahe interviewed by Peter Burgess (recorded 1975), National Library of Australia Oral History and Folklore Collection (TRC 375).

Further information and links: Allan’s Music — Burke and Wills MonumentClassical MusicMay BraheNellie Melba

Other resources:

The Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne has a collection of archives relevant to May Brahe including letters, sheet music and photographs.

Inquest into the death of Emily Rebecca Dickson, 1892 (Public Record Office Melbourne).

Christopher Reynolds on Women Composers and Women Poets


Street Seen #1: Friendly Societies of Swanston Street

Presenter: Roland Wettenhall

Further information and links: Friendly SocietiesManchester Unity BuildingOrganised Crime —  State Library of Victoria


Series Host — Professor Andy May

Episode Presenters — Helen Morgan, Andy May, Roland Wettenhall

Audio Engineer — Gavin Nebauer

Narration — Susan Reidy

Music — Andrew Batterham, ‘And there I was’.

Sound Effects Credits — bbc.co.uk — © copyright 2018 BBC

Page Image Credit —  May Brahe (1911), National Library of Australia.


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